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How to Change a User Name on a PS3

Scott Barbour/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Your PS3 console user name is one of the first items you configure when you perform the game console's initial setup, according to the PS3's instruction manual. Your PS3 user name is used to identify your profile on your game console and should not be confused with your PlayStation Network ID. Every time you turn on your PS3 console, you are required to sign into your profile by selecting your user name from the menu. This allows multiple users to share the same console while maintaining separate profiles and game saves.

Turn on your PlayStation 3 and select your user name from the available menu. Press the “X” button on your PS3 controller to log in to your console.

Highlight your user name in the “Users” menu of the PS3's XMB home bar. Press the “Triangle” button on your PS3 controller to open the available options. Scroll down to “Information” and press the “X” button on your PS3 controller.

Select your user name beneath the user icon to highlight the text. Press “X” to open the on-screen keyboard. Use the on-screen keyboard to input a new name for your profile. Highlight then “Enter” key on the keyboard and press the “X” button twice.

Press the “O” button on your PS3 controller to go back to the “Users” menu. Your user name change is saved and displayed.

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