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How to Reset the Boss GT-10

Erase unwanted patch settings by resetting your Boss GT-10 pedalboard.
Agri Press/Lifesize/Getty Images

You can do a lot with the Boss GT-10 Multi-Effects Pedalboard. The guitar pedal features an extensive tone and effects bank, a guitar tuner, MIDI compatibility and allows users to create, modify and layer effects in real-time. Guitarists can also save effects settings with the GT-10. However much you like the effects you have created and modified, there may come a time when you want to delete all of your stored patches and start from scratch. Learn how to erase your settings by using the GT-10's "Factory Reset" option.

Press the black "SYSTEM" button. The setup menu will appear on the display screen.

Turn the large, black dial at the right of the display screen until the "Factory Reset" option appears on the screen.

Click the "Category/Enter" button twice to reset your GT-10 settings. The "Category/Enter" button is below and to the right of the dial.


  • Resetting a Boss GT-10 will wipe all stored patches. The pedalboard will return to its original factory settings.
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