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How to Use a USB MIDI Interface With a Korg Triton Studio

Though no longer manufactured, the Korg Triton Studio remains a popular item among synthesizer and workstation enthusiasts. In addition to its many high-quality presets, CD-burning capabilities and countless editing options, the Triton Studio offers complete MIDI connectivity, allowing users to hook up and transfer notes to computers and other digital instruments. Because most computers do not contain MIDI ports, you will need to use a USB interface if you want to connect to your PC.

Things You'll Need:

  • Digital-Audio Software
  • Computer

Insert your USB interface software disc into your computer and install the included drivers. This will allow your computer to read music transfers from the interface.

Insert one end of your five-pin MIDI cable into the “MIDI Out” port on the back of your Korg Triton Studio.

Insert the opposite end of your MIDI cable into the “MIDI In” port on your USB MIDI interface.

Insert the USB end of your interface into a free USB port on your PC or laptop.

Set up your Triton to transmit MIDI. Turn on the keyboard and select “Global Mode” on your editor screen. Choose the “External MIDI” option on your MIDI clock settings.

Open your digital-audio program on your computer. To transmit MIDI to your computer, you will need to use a program that reads MIDI notation, such as Pro-Tools, Logic, GarageBand or Cubase.

Set up your software to receive MIDI. Click your “Options” or Preferences,” select the “MIDI” heading and select your interface if applicable. In some cases, the software will receive the signal automatically, but you may need to edit your settings to allow MIDI transfer.

Begin transmitting notes from your Triton to your computer. Select a “MIDI track” or “Software track” on your program of choice and begin playing your Triton. To record, select the “Record” button on your software window.


To transmit pre-recorded notes from your computer to your Triton, move the MIDI cable from the “MIDI Out” port to the “MIDI In” port on your Triton, and from the “MIDI In” port to the “MIDI Out” port on your interface.

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