How to Use the Sr 16 As a MIDI Controller

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The SR-16 is a drum machine manufactured by Alesis. The drum machine includes 233 preloaded drum sounds alongside 50 preset drum patterns. The SR-16 also comes fully equipped with complete MIDI implementation, which allows people to use the machine as MIDI controller. With the aid of any sound card with MIDI and a basic Digital Audio Workstation, the SR-16 can trigger sounds directly from your PC.

Plug your MIDI cable into the "MIDI Out/Thru" on the back panel of the SR-16. Connect it to the "MIDI In" port on your sound card.

Launch your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and create a new MIDI track by clicking "File" or "Edit," depending on your DAW, then selecting "Add new Midi Track."


Go to the "System Setup" on your SR-16. Ensure that the "MIDITHRU," "CLOCK OUT" and "CLOCK IN" setting are set to "Off." Turn "DRUM OUT" to "On" and "DRUM IN" to "ONV1." Set "MIDI Channel" to 10.


Set the MIDI channel you created in Step 2 in your DAW to 10. You can now use your SR-16 as a MIDI controller.



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