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How to Configure a SNES USB

The Super Nintendo (SNES) controller now comes as a USB controller. The controller is a simple "plug 'n' play" device, meaning it only needs to be connected to the computer and it will work out of the box. There still is some configuring to be done to get the SNES USB controller to work with computer programs like emulators.

Unravel the Super Nintendo USB controller and insert its USB cable into the computer's USB port.

Open the emulator program you will be using the controller with on your computer.

Click the "Options" button at the top of the program's window. You see an option for "Controller" or "Input" configuration. Click this option. A list of controller buttons appears on screen.

Click each controller button on the computer monitor. Press the button on the SNES USB controller that will be used as that emulator controller button, and continue "mapping" each button to the SNES USB controller.

Click "OK" to save the controller settings. The SNES USB controller can now be used to play your emulator programs.

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