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How to Change the Source Resolution on a PS3

The PlayStation 3 gaming console allows users to connect high definition televisions and standard televisions for audio and video output. Depending on your television's input options, you can change the resolution for the PlayStation 3. The graphical user interface on the console allows you to change this resolution with the controller. You don't have to be a Sony technician to change the screen resolution. You can do it yourself with little hassle and minimal knowledge of the console.

Use your controller joystick to scroll through the PS3's home screen until you get to the “Settings” option. Press the “X” button to select “Settings.”

Highlight the “Display Settings” option and then click the “X” button.

Click “Video Output Settings.”

Click on the appropriate video output selection for your TV. For instance, if you use an HDMI cable on your TV, select the “HDMI” output.

Choose the resolution from the menu. Choices will include “1080p/1080i,” “720p,” and “576p.” Select one by pressing the “X” button.

Click the “Change” icon to change the resolution.

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