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How to Reset the Firmware on a PS3

The PlayStation 3 is a popular high end video game console developed and manufactured by Sony Inc. The PS3 allows you to play video games, surf the internet, watch high definition movies and view pictures. Firmware problems are caused when you accidentally turn off your PS3 during a new firmware update. Corrupted firmware causes a red screen to appear and prevents you from accessing the PS3’s main screen. The only way to reset the PS3 to its factory settings is by reinstalling the firmware via the PS3’s recovery mode. Instead of sending your unit back to Sony or taking it to an authorized technician and pay a hefty fee for them to do it, you can reinstall the firmware by accessing the PS3’s recovery mode yourself.

Visit the official Sony PlayStation homepage using your personal computer and download the latest firmware. Insert an USB flash drive into the slot in your computer. Transfer the PS3 firmware update to the USB drive and remove it afterwards.

Insert the USB flash drive with the PS3 firmware update into an USB slot in your PS3. Press and hold the PS3’s power button until you hear 2 beeps. The second beep will turn off the PS3. Release your finger then press and hold again until you hear 3 beeps. The third beep will be a double deep. Release your finger after hearing the double beep. The recovery menu screen now appears on your television screen.

Connect the PS3 controller to the PS3 using the USB cable and press the “PS” button.

Select “System Update” then select “Via Storage Media.” Your screen will go black for a few seconds then your PS3 will restart and will automatically install the update from the USB drive. The PS3 main menu screen will appear after a few minutes. You should be able to use your PS3 without any problems now.

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