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How to Troubleshoot a Kurzweil PC88

Troubleshooting problems on a Kurzweil PC88 keyboard does not take too long. Owners of a PC88 can use the keyboard’s own technology to run internal tests on software and programs. These built-in troubleshooting systems help the user avoid consulting professional technicians, which can save money and time. From testing MIDI connections and built-in firmware to diagnosing faults with the sound card, many issues can be checked at the simple touch of a button on the PC88 console.

Simultaneously hold down the “1,” “2” and “3” buttons on the Kurzweil PC88 and switch the power on. After three seconds, release the buttons. Shortly after doing this, a message will appear on the keyboard’s LCD display screen with an instruction on how to run the diagnostics test on the PC88.

Follow the instructions on the display screen to run the diagnostics test. The instructions will include how to begin the test and what function button to press. At this point, the LCD screen will display the message “CPU Test." Turn down the volume on the keyboard. The diagnostics test involves running test tones that can very loud when produced. Turning down the volume prevents any possible damage to the speakers.

Press the “Zone 3” button; this will begin the process of running through all diagnostics tests. At the end of each test, the LCD display will either “Pass” or “Fail." Press any key to proceed with the next test. After all of the diagnostics tests have been completed, turn the power off the keyboard. If you want to resume using the keyboard, simply turn it back on and it will restart as normal.


When running the MIDI UART test, you will need to connect a MIDI cable to the MIDI In and MIDI Out ports on the PC88, otherwise the test will fail.

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