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How to Reset a Peavey VYPYR Amp Back to Defaults

VYPYR guitar amplifiers model sounds from 24 different amps.
guitar player image by bright from Fotolia.com

All Peavey VYPYR amp models include 11 rack effects like chorus, tremolo and phaser that you can adjust to suit your preferences or match the sounds on a particular recording. With the exception of the 15-watt VYPYR amp, you can also modify 11 stompbox settings like fuzz, auto wah and ring modulator. After modifying the sounds for a particular project, you may want to return to the factory presets and start over to create sounds for a new song or recording. You can do this in just a few moments.

Turn the VYPYR amp off.

Locate buttons “1” and “2” in the "Preset" section under the "Stompboxes" and "Amp" dials.

Press buttons "1" and "2" at the same time and hold them down. Turn on the VYPYR amp while continuing to hold the buttons. The LEDs will come back on when the reset is complete.


Keep a notebook with your settings for songs you may want to play again.


  • Restoring the default settings erases all of the changes you have saved.
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