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Instructions for Cobra Walkie Talkies

Walkie talkies are used in many places, including construction job sites.
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The portable, handheld, two-way radio is a communication device that works by sending and receiving messages with another radio on the same frequency. The two-way radio is commonly referred to as a "walkie talkie" and was first introduced during World War II by Motorola. These two-way radios were created for the armed forces but eventually spread to the public and are currently used for a wide range of commercial, business and personal purposes. American company Cobra has manufactured two-way radios for many years.

Install batteries into the two-way radios. Locate the battery compartment under the belt clip on the back of the unit. Pull the lock tab, at the bottom of the battery compartment, down to remove the battery cover. Insert four AAA alkaline batteries, making sure to match the polarity as instructed, and replace the battery door. Replace the batteries when the display screen blinks "Batt Low."

Turn on the Cobra two-way radio. Press and hold the "Power" button on the front of the unit until you hear a set of tones. This will indicate that the radio is on and in standby mode and is ready to receive transmissions from other radios.

Select a communication channel. Press the "Channel Select" buttons on the right side of the display screen to choose one of the 14 channels. If you and a friend are both using Cobra walkie talkies, make sure both radios are on the same channel, or you will not be able to communicate. Change channels if there is too much background noise or if someone else nearby is using the same channel.

Press and release the "Call" button under the display screen to alert another person that you are sending a transmission. The other person will receive a brief ringing sound indicating an impending transmission.

Communicate with other radios. Press and hold the "Talk" button on the left side of the unit. Hold the mouthpiece about 2 inches from your mouth and speak clearly. Release the "Talk" button when you are done and wait for a response — you must release the button in order to receive transmissions. The person with whom who are communicating will hear a noticeable tone when you release the "Talk" button, letting him know he can communicate.

Press the "Volume" buttons on the left side of the display screen to adjust the volume. Press the "Light/Max Range" button below the "Talk" button to light up the display screen for 10 seconds.

Temporarily turn off the "Auto Squelch" feature in order to allow all signals and extend the maximum range of your two-way radio. Press and hold the "Light/Max Range" button until you hear two beeps, indicating that the "Maximum Range Extender" is on. Use the two-way radio as usual. Turn the extender off by pressing and holding the same button for a second, or by changing the channels.


Cobra MicroTalk radios have a special circuit that is designed to extend battery life. If there are no transmissions within 10 seconds, the unit will automatically switch to "Battery Save" mode. You will still be able to receive incoming transmissions in this mode.

Cobra MicroTalk walkie talkies includes an "Auto Squelch" feature that automatically shuts off weak transmissions and unwanted noises.

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