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Peavey 1200D Specs

The Peavey XR 1200D features parametric equalization and digital effects.
audio mixer image by Savu Razvan from Fotolia.com

The Peavey XR 1200D is a stereo powered mixer. The 12-channel mixer features basic digital effects and offers a number of different style inputs and outputs. The amount of power amplification available will depend on whether the speakers attached are 4-ohm or 8-ohm. The XR 1200D is very similar in specifications to the 8-channel XR 800D and the 16-channel XR 1600D.


The Peavey XR 1200D features parametric equalization on four bands. The low band applies +/- 15db at 60 hertz (Hz). The mid-low band applies +/- 12db at 350 Hz. The mid-high band applies +/- 12db at 2.2 kHz. The high band applies +/- 15db at 15 kHz. The equalization controls are standard audio twist knobs.

Power Amplification

The Peavey XR 1200D has the same power amplification circuitry as the larger XR 1600D. When a single amplifier is used as a mono amplifier, it is capable of producing 300 watts using a 4-ohm speaker system. Using an 8-ohm speaker system, the amplifier can produce up to 150 watts per channel. When both amplifiers are used in a stereo configuration, the mixer produces the same power in both channels, resulting in either a 300 watt-per-channel amplifier using 4-ohm speakers or a 150 watt-per-channel amplifier using 8-ohm speakers. The power amplifier features DDT compression and has a dual speed fan for cooling. Frequency response on the overall system is from 20 Hz to 30 kHz.

Digital Effects

The Peavey XR 1200D offers 32 digital effects. The effects are 16-bit linear PCM encoded with a 95dB minimum signal to noise ratio. The 32 effects are all digital reverberation, or reverb, effects. There are 13 warm reverbs, 13 bright reverbs, two gated reverbs and two reverse reverbs. There is also a bypass setting. The frequency response on the digital effects is from 20 Hz to 11 kHz.

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