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Peavey CS 400 Specs

The Peavey CS 400 can be used as part of a home stereo system.
sound system image by Pavel Losevsky from Fotolia.com

The Peavey CS 400 is a dual channel power amplifier used in audio systems. Peavey’s CS series of power amps contain a variety of models, each with different power capabilities. The CS 400 is a 400-watt power amplifier and is adequately powerful for commercial applications such as discos and small concerts.

Power Capabilities

This amp is fitted with a heavy duty AC plug with ground pin. The plug should always be plugged into a grounded three pin socket. The CS 400 can be rack mounted for ease of transportation when used as part of a live rig, but it is essential that the rear end is exposed so that the cooling fan can operate.

Dual Channels

The CS 4OO is a two channel power amplifier, which means you can operate it in dual capacity. Each channel is 200 watts. Channel A has 11 input jacks and channel B has 21. This means that you have the option of running equipment through Channel A and amplifying it to a different degree to the equipment running through Channel B. This is handy in a recording studio environment when different pieces of sound equipment need to be sent to different destinations.

Bridge Mode

Using the amplifier in bridge mode effectively converts it into a one channel amplifier. This limits the amount of inputs and outputs that are available as Channel B becomes redundant. But it has the benefit of combining the sum power of both channels, so Channel A has a power rating of 400 watts in bridge mode. This is especially useful when using the CS 400 to power a single input audio input that is running at high volumes.

Active LED

The active LED function indicates when the input signal is close to full capability and close to clipping. Clipping occurs when the signal drives the power amp so hard that it struggles to maintain a consistent output. For example, when the input source volume and power amplifier volume are both set to full. In such cases, the output may become distorted and the LED flashes as a warning.


The CS 400 has a compressor to prevent signal loads that are too high passing through the amplifier. The on-board compressor features an Enable/Defeat function. Engaging the Enable function allows you to run the amp at full power, which poses the risk of clipping. When selected, the Defeat function reduces the output signal to remove clipping.

Speaker outputs

There are two quarter-inch speaker output jacks and five output terminal binding posts. The output jacks can be connected to headphones or speakers. The output terminal binding posts should be used to connect the amplifier to speakers that have wire connections only. The wire is fed into the output terminal and bound with a clamp that holds it in place.

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