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How to Output iRig to Amp

iRig lets you turn your iPhone or iPad into a guitar processor.
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iRig is an application that enables you to turn your iPhone or iPad into a virtual guitar amplifier and effects board. The app is from Amplitube, which is better known for making industry-standard software effects for guitar. Purchase the hardware adapter that enables you to connect your guitar to the iPhone, then download the free app. This setup lets you hear your guitar via your iPhone speaker. The effects in iRig are good enough to function in a real guitar rig. To do this, you must integrate your iPhone into your existing rig by outputting it to an amp.

Things You'll Need:

  • Standard 6.5Mm Jack Instrument Cable
  • 3.5Mm-To-6.5Mm Adapter
  • Irig Hardware Adapter
  • Iphone

Connect the other end of this cable to the 1/4-inch jack on the bottom of the supplied hardware adapter. There are two jacks on the adapter, the 1/4-inch jack is the largest.

Connect the audio connector end of the adapter to the audio port on your iPhone or iPad.

Connect a the 3.5mm end of a 3.5mm-to-6.5mm cable to the 3.5mm output socket on the top of the hardware adapter.

Connect the 6.5mm end to the input on your guitar amp. A 6.5mm connector is also referred to as an “instrument jack” or “1/4-inch jack.”

Turn the “Master Volume” dial on your guitar to zero. It’s always smart to turn the volume to zero before turning on your amp. This is especially true if you are introducing a new piece of equipment to your rig.

Turn the amplifier on. If using a tube amplifier, put it in standby mode for two minutes before putting the power fully on. This lets the tubes warm up.

Turn off any on-board effects, such as reverb, distortion or overdrive. Because the iRig app features an array of effects, it’s preferable to set your amp to as clean a sound as possible so the overall tone isn’t muddied by having too many effects.

Launch the iRig app on your iPhone or iPad. Select a sound option from the visual interface by tapping the screen.

Increase the amplifier volume to your preferred level.


If using iRig for a gig, plug your iPhone or iPad into a charger to save it from running out mid performance.

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