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How to Connect an iPad to a Guitar Amp

The right adapter can connect your iPad to an amplifier.
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The iPad has a number of apps designed to emulate the sound of guitars and other musical instruments, and there are a number of devices designed to help you connect your guitar to the iPad. Most of these solutions are designed to be used with headphones or a mixer, but connecting the iPad to a guitar amp for output is not as straightforward. With the help of a few adapters, you can connect your iPad to your guitar amp to play any music or audio output directly.

Things You'll Need:

  • Guitar Cable
  • 3.5Mm Male To 1/4-Inch Female Adapter
  • Amplifier

Connect the 3.5mm side of the adapter to the headphone jack of the iPad. If you are using a guitar adapter with the iPad, connect the adapter to the headphone jack of the guitar adapter.

Connect one end of the guitar cable to the 1/4-inch side of the adapter.

Connect the other end of the guitar cable to the input jack of the guitar amp.

Press the volume button on the side of the iPad to turn the volume up to the maximum.

Turn on the guitar amp and adjust the volume knob on the amplifier to control the overall volume.


By connecting your guitar to the iPad with a guitar adapter, such as the iRig or GuitarConnect cable, you can use the iPad for effects, then run the output audio to your amplifier for a very portable guitar rig solution.

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