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How to Reset the Zoom G2.1U

Guitar effects pedals like the Zoom G2.1U let you take your sound to the next level.
Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images

The Zoom G2.1U effects pedal lets guitarists twist and distort the sound from their instrument in order to create their own unique sound during a performance or recording session. Saved effects, known as patches, let musicians access their favorite sounds from the pedal’s memory bank. Performing a reset erases all patches stored on the pedal, returning the G2.1U to its factory defaults. This is useful if you get tired of or no longer need your old patches.

Move the Zoom G2.1U pedal's power switch to the "Off" position.

Hold down the "Store" button, and switch the pedal back on. "AL" flashes on the display.

Release and press "Store" a second time. The pedal erases any patches in its memory, and returns to its default settings.

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