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How to Load Patches Into AX3000G

Guitarists can upload patches that re-create their favorite artist's guitar tone to the AX3000G.
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The Korg AX3000G guitar effects unit offers guitar players hundreds of different preset sound settings. Since the unit's creation, guitar players have been creating their own presets and uploading them online for other players to use. Though guitarists call these presets “patches,” Korg refers to them as “programs” in the manual. The company makes loading programs a straightforward process. Users save programs by connecting their AX3000G to their computer via MIDI interface and saving the new preset in the desired sound bank.

Things You'll Need:

  • Korg Ax3000G
  • Midi Interface
  • Electric Guitar
  • 1/4-Inch Instrument Cable
  • Computer
  • Midi Sequencer Software Program
  • (2) Midi Cables

Saving a Program to the AX3000G

Turn on the AX3000G and your computer. Open a MIDI sequence program such as FL Studio, Sony Acid, Ableton Live or Logic Pro.

Load guitar patches into the MIDI sequencer program by selecting File --> Load Midi File --> your patch file name. Load the patches in one at a time so that the program automatically creates a separate track for each.

Connect a MIDI cable from your audio interface's MIDI out jack to the AX3000G's input jack. Then connect a MIDI cable from the AX3000G's output jack to the audio interface MIDI input. Shake the cable inputs lightly to make sure they're secure. A loose connection can prevent the patch from uploading.

Set the MIDI channel of the AX3000G. Your external MIDI sequencer won't recognize the effects pedal unless it's on the same MIDI channel. Hit the global button on the unit. The display will read "MIDI CH". Use the up and down arrows next to the display to change it to channel one.

Set the MIDI channel on the MIDI software sequencer. Right click on the MIDI track in the time line and select MIDI track parameters --> Set MIDI Channel. The track may already be set to channel one, but change it if necessary.

Wait for the MIDI sequencer to recognize the AX3000G. The program will display a pop-up window saying a new MIDI device is available. Connect your guitar with a 1/4-inch instrument cable to the "monaural phone" jack on the left side of the AX3000G. Turn up your guitar volume knob and computer volume knob and start playing. You should hear your guitar through the computer speaker's with the desired patch.

Save the patch to the AX3000G by pressing the "WRITE" button. Use the left and right arrows to navigate the sound banks. Press the "WRITE" button once more after you have chosen a sound bank for your patch.

Turn off the AX3000G unit. Turn the unit on again and navigate the sound banks using the left and write arrows until you've found your saved patch. Play your guitar to check that the patch still works on the unit. Repeat steps six through eight for each additional patch.


You can download hundreds of AX3000G guitar patches online through several websites dedicated to the guitar effects unit (see "Resources").

Refer to the AX3000G owner's manual if you encounter any unknown error messages on the unit.

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