How to Race Turtles

How to Race Turtles. Turtle racing is an event held mostly at fairs, picnics and rodeos for the entertainment of children. The box turtle is the turtle typically used for turtle racing. The turtles can be raced on a rectangular track or placed in the middle of a circle. The following will show you how to participate in a turtle race.

Find a turtle race in your area by checking websites, the local paper and checking with local organizations and the local fairs and rodeos. Races will be held in warm weather, typically in the spring or summer months.

Obtain a turtle to register for the turtle race. You can obtain a turtle from a pet shop or rescue one from a road before it gets run over. You can also find turtles in the woods and close to bodies of water and if you don't have one, sometimes they have extra turtles at the race that you can rent or borrow.

Register your turtle for the race and pay your fee if there is one.

Receive your sticker and button for the race. Place the sticker on your turtle and place the pin on your shirt. Both the sticker and the pin will have the same number on it so they know whose turtle is whose.

Place your turtle around the race circle or along the starting line depending upon how the race is set up. At the "Go!" signal, release your turtle and step away while the turtles are racing.

Win the race if your turtle is the first to cross the finish line. If there are a lot of racers, you may have to race again until everyone has participated.


Wash your hands thoroughly with soap after handling turtles as their feces can spread salmonella.

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