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How to Freeze Candy Bars

Eating a frozen candy bar is a completely different experience from eating one at room temperature. Whether you enjoy your candy frosty or you’re making a deep fried candy bar, you'll need to first freeze these tasty treats.

Things You'll Need:

  • Wax Paper
  • Cookie Sheet (Optional)
  • Candy Bar
  • Plate (Optional)
  • Plastic Freezer Bag (Optional)

Select your favorite candy bar. Most candy bars will remain tasty when frozen, but bars made with caramel are going to become rock solid when frozen, so use caution when chomping down on a candy bar such as a Payday.

Remove the candy bars from the wrapper in order to avoid the laborious process of having to peel candy wrapper fragments from the bars after they've been frozen.

Spread wax paper out on a flat surface like a cookie sheet or plate. Lay the candy bars out in a single layer on the wax paper, which will prevent the candy from sticking to the cookie sheet or plate. You can also wrap the bars in wax paper and place them in a freezer bag so that you can store the candy in your freezer for longer periods of time.

Place the candy in the freezer. Remove after two to six hours and enjoy.

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