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Candy Floss Maker Instructions

Candy floss or cotton candy is that lighter than air sweet treat that is often the highlight of going to fairs, carnivals or the circus. Candy floss comes in pink and blue and is made up of heated, blown sugar with a little dye and wrapped around a cardboard cone shaped holder. Making your own pink and blue heavenly candy floss or cotton candy will certainly make your home the hit of the party circuit.

Things You'll Need:

  • Candy Floss Or Cotton Candy Maker
  • Micro Fiber Cloth
  • Pure Granulated Sugar

Remove all the pieces from the box and familiarize yourself with all the working parts of the candy floss maker. Find a working outlet and plug the unit into the outlet. Make sure the wire is out of the way of walking traffic.

Turn on the candy maker about 7 minutes before you wish to make the candy. Once it is warmed up, turn it off until you need it. Start making the candy while the machine is warm.

Use the scoop that came with the kit or use a tablespoon. Measure out 2 scoops or level tablespoons of pure granulated sugar and pour it evenly into the center of the extractor.

Turn the On/Off button to "On." The machine’s extractor will heat and rotate the sugar. It should take about 4 minutes for the candy to be ready.

Hold a paper cone that came with the kit vertically in the center of the candy. Turn it six or seven times around the outer part of the bowl. Then lay it horizontally above the head of the extractor and rotate it until you have a sufficient amount on the cone.

Shut the machine down once you are finished. Follow the cleaning instructions on your unit for cleaning the extractor head, but never use a brush on the bowl. Instead clean the surfaces with a micro fiber cloth to avoid scratching.


If you want to make candy floss a few hours ahead of time, put light plastic over the candy and tie tightly with a twist tie.


  • Store any candy your make for no more than a few hours in a dry place.
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