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How to Make Swisher Sweet Fresh Again

Swisher Sweets are a popular brand of cigar in the U.S.
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Swisher Sweet cigars or cigarillos are found at almost any gas station or smoke shop in the U.S. The cigars come in a variety of flavors such as peach, chocolate and strawberry, as well as many sizes. The Swisher Sweet company has been making products since the 1800s. If you purchased Swisher Sweets and they are no longer fresh, there are some inexpensive steps you can take to make them usable once again.

Dampen a paper towel. Make sure to squeeze out excess moisture as you do not want it to be sopping wet, but simply damp.

Place the Swisher in the plastic container. Fold the paper towel into a small square and place it in the container with the Swisher Sweet. Do not touch the cigarillo with the paper towel. You want the moisture to slowly return to the Swisher without it getting damp or moldy. Close the lid onto the container.

Place the plastic container out of the way for one day with the lid closed. Open the lid of the container after one day and leave the Swisher in it for one more day with the lid open. After the second day, remove the Swisher from the container and test to see if it is still dry. It should lightly spring back when you touch it. If it is still crackly and dry, return it to the container for another day. Continue to test it every day until it is fresh.

Things You'll Need:

  • Plastic container with lid
  • Paper towel
  • Water
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