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How to Donate Old Trophies

There’s nothing better than the walk of fame you take to get your trophy for bowling or tiddlywinks. But after a day or two, it turns out to be kind of junky and doesn’t match your decor. It's time to reduce the clutter and let others use your discarded trophy.

Sort through the trophies and toss those that are discolored or damaged. Keep those you want to display or show to your grandchildren. Put the others into boxes according to category, size or gender.

Search on your computer or take out the phone book and call your local Chamber of Commerce. Inquire about Little League teams, Boys and Girls basketball, touch football or soccer teams, or any locally supported group of kids who will need trophies at the end of the season. Contact them to see if they would like yours.

Contact Goodwill, the Salvation Army, Discovery Cancer Thrift and other nonprofit thrift stores. They will gladly receive your discarded trophies. There is always a run on these types of stores by groups that honor their participants with trophies at the end of the year.


Contact a local trophy shop and ask if they recycle them for free with newly engraved plates for schools or other 501C3 organizations.


  • Don’t send trophies to the Special Olympics. They present their winners with ribbons.
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