How to Make a Vintage Fighter Pilot Hat

A vintage fighter pilot hat completes your military costume.
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Snoopy, the "Peanuts" comic strip dog created by Charles M Schultz, wears his vintage fighter pilot hat atop his doghouse to curse the enemy, the dreaded Red Baron. An authentic fighter pilot hat is leather, but you can make a costume replica to wear at Halloween. All you need is a swim cap and goggles to create the vintage fighter pilot hat look. Take about an hour to add this finishing touch to your fighter pilot costume.

Things You'll Need

  • Latex Swim Cap
  • Vinyl Adhesive Military Stickers
  • Wig Form
  • Telephone Headset
  • Goggles
  • Brass Snaps (Optional)

Select a swim cap with ear flaps and a strap closure. Black or brown are good options to replicate the vintage look. Swim caps are available at sporting goods stores.

Select the stickers to embellish your cap. Stickers are available at hobby shops, craft stores or gag gift retailers. Some options are a U.S. flag, air force wings, metals or military rank, such as sergeant or major.

Select the goggles for your hat. Black or brown swim goggles are some options; however, select goggles that suit you. Larger goggles allow for greater range of vision, smaller goggles less. Goggles are available at costume shops, gag gift shops, swimming apparel retailers or sporting goods stores.

Select a telephone headset for your hat, which replicates the mode of communication between fighter pilots. Headsets are available at costume shops, supercenters or electronics retailers. A good option is a headset designed to fit over one ear. Before purchasing the headset, try it on for comfort.

Place the swim cap on the wig form to arrange the stickers in a pattern that you like. Remove the backing to adhere the stickers to the cap. Smooth the stickers with your fingers.

Refer to manufacturer's instructions to attach the brass snaps to the strap, if desired. The snaps need not be functional; however, they add to the authenticity of the hat.

Place the headset behind your ear. Make adjustments until the microphone fits comfortably in front of your mouth.

Place your hat on your head. Put on the goggles.