How to Make a 3D Fish

Everyone Needs a 3D Fish
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You can make a 3D fish from household items. Sculpting a paper 3D fish can be a rewarding hobby. 3D fish can be hung as decoration, given as gifts or displayed in a curio. You can make 3D fish of all shapes and sizes.

Everyone Needs a 3D Fish
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Things You'll Need

  • Colorful Paper Or Spray Paint
  • Old Newpapers
  • Spray Adhesive

Trace a rather large fish outline onto a sheet of newspaper

Lie three to four sheets of newspaper flat onto a table and spray adhesive in between each one.

Cut out your fish shape when the glue has dried and repeat the above steps, using your first fish as a guide for the second one.

Adhere the edges of each fish to each other, making a "fish pocket" that is open at the head of the fish.

Stuff the 3D fish with the clippings from the edge of the newspaper. Your fish will get fatter.

Seal the head shut. You might want to use a clothespin or clamp while the glue dries to prevent it from coming apart.

Cover your completed 3D fish with spray paint or acrylic paint. You could also decoupage your fish with colorful scraps of paper.


  • Guard against over-sprayed adhesive. Try spraying your 3D fish sculpture outdoors, in the grass.


  • Do not use a finishing technique that allows your 3D fish to get too wet. Spray paint is usually the best.