How to Make an Adjustable Sliding Knot

reef knot image by bluedelta from

Things You'll Need

  • 2 pieces of hemp rope, 1 foot long and 6 inches long
  • Cloth glue

There are multiple uses for an adjustable sliding knot. In jewelry, the adjustable sliding knot is used to make necklaces easier to remove, adjust and lengthen. This knot is also used in taut-line hitching where the loop at the end of the adjustable knot is shortened or extended to the size needed to go over the pole in camping, the tree branch or the rock in various types of climbing. The adjustable sliding knot is easy to learn.

Loop a foot-long length of hemp rope into a circle, overlapping the ends.

Place a second, 6-inch long rope under the first rope where the two ends overlap.

Tie the second rope into a square knot. Wrap the left side rope around the right side rope and then back under itself. The left side rope should be on the right side, the right side rope should be on the left side and a small knot should have the overlapping ropes tied together. To complete a square knot, repeat the process of wrapping the new left side rope around the new right side rope and then back under itself.

Make three square knots and tie them off by making a regular double knot.

Glue the knot where the hanging ends are dangling. Allow the glue to dry. Cut the ends off as close to the knot as possible.


  • Practice making the square knot where it looks like two friendly ropes holding each other.