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How to Tie an Adjustable Jamming Knot

Adjustable Jamming Hitch
David A. Claerr

The Adjustable Jamming hitch is similar to a taut-line hitch, but is designed to tighten around a bundle or package and lock or "jam" in place to secure the bundle. The knot can later be slid away from the bundle to loosen the bindings without untying the knot. Cotton traders would secure their bundles of sample cotton in this manner to transport them long distances, then easily open and re-close the bundles.

Adjustable Jamming Hitch
David A. Claerr

Things You'll Need:

  • Rope Or Binding Cord
  • A Bundle, Or Post To Practice Tying
Starting to tie around bundle or post

Start by wrapping the binding cord or rope around the bundle.

First wrap

Make the first wrap around the standing part; one full turn.

Second wrap

Make the second wrap around the standing part, one full turn.

Third wrap

Make the third wrap on the INSIDE of the loop, leaving the first and second turns on the outside.

Ready to work snug

Finish off the knot with a half-hitch and work the knot snug.

Finished Adjustable Jamming Knot

Make sure the wraps are worked snugly around the standing part as pictured.

Adjusting the Knot around a bundle.

Adjusting the Knot: Pull the standing part outside the knot taut. Slide the knot toward the bundle until the bundle is tight enough for your purpose.


Terms used: Standing part: The section or part of a rope that stands still as you tie the knot.


  • As with any knot that forms a sliding loop, keep the adjustable jamming Knot out of the reach of small children who may place it around their own necks or those of others while playing.
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