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How to Make Rooster Tail Spinners

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Rooster tail spinners are among the best fishing lures when it comes to ease of use and fish-catching ability. These lures will catch any fish that swims and are a great choice for young anglers who are trying to learn the sport. Fishing a rooster tail spinner is simple. Simply allow the bait to sink to the depth that the fish are in and reel the spinner in. As easy as they are to use, they are just as easy to make.

Things You'll Need:

  • Size 6 Feather Dressed Treble Hook
  • Size 1 Clevice
  • 3 Inch Long By .024 Inch Round Straight Spinner Wire Shaft
  • Needle-Nose Pliers
  • 1/16 Ounce Lure Body
  • Size 2 Split Ring
  • 1/8 Inch Brass Bead
  • Size 3 Indiana Blade
  • Split Ring Pliers

Put the clevice through the hole at the end of an Indiana blade.

Hold the spinner wire shaft in your fingers so that the end with the loop is facing down. Thread the top of the wire through the two holes in the clevice so that the Indiana blade looks like it is upside down. The blade will look like a bowl that is sitting right side up.

Slide the bead onto the wire shaft so that it is placed on top of the clevice. Then slide the painted lure body on top of the bead. If you're unfamiliar with what a lure body is, it is the cylinder-shaped part that you see on a rooster tail spinner. It is the piece that is painted with designs.

Close the top of the wire shaft by making a loop like the one on the bottom of the shaft. Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to do this. If you have trouble using just the pliers you may find it easier to wrap the end of the wire around a small nail to help form a perfect circle. Once the wire is wrapped around the nail, finish the loop by wrapping the wire around itself three times.

Attach the feather dressed treble hook to the split ring using the split ring pliers. Then attach the hook and the split ring to the loop that you just made in Step 4 using the split ring pliers.


Use a store-bought rooster tail spinner as a reference while creating your own. Turn the spinner upside down with the hook sticking up because this is how you are creating yours. You can use different size lure bodies to make your spinner weight more or less if you desire. You can also use different size blades to create different actions for the lure.


  • Use caution when attaching the sharp hooks to the split ring. Always attach hooks with the sharp parts pointing away from any body parts.
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