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How to Tie an Endless Knot

The endless knot symbolizes the unending compassion of the Buddha.
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An endless knot, sometimes called a Chinese endless knot, is a knot without an apparent beginning or end. The apparent endless nature of the knot symbolizes the infinite wisdom and compassion of the Buddha. An endless knot is generally tied very tightly without gaps, which is symbolic of balance and harmony. These knots are commonly seen at the end of mala beads used to enhance concentration and focus in meditation, but they can also decorate the ends of bracelets or pendants.

Lie the piece of string flat on a table and fold it to form a cross shape with the two open ends of the string facing your body. The cross should have four points with a horizontal diamond shape in the middle where the four arms touch. The point at the bottom, closest to you, will be point A. The point to the right of A will be B. The point in the top center is C, and the point to the left is D.

Take point A and fold it over point B so that it is now facing away from your body and is to the right of point C.

Pick up point B and fold it over points A and C, resting it on top of point D.

Fold point C down over points B and D so that it is now facing your body. Hold in place.

Fold point D over point C and pull it under the pieces of the string that form point A. Point D should now be in the original position of point B. You should be able to notice the square forming in the middle of the knot.

Pull all the points tightly to form the center square of the endless knot.

Repeat steps 1 through 6 until you can no longer form any more squares with the piece of string.


Use endless knots to adorn gifts as a symbol of the deep connection between friends and family.

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