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How to Hook Skype Up on a PS3

Skype is a free, downloadable application that allows you to video and voice call other Skype users over the Internet. Voice and video calling is free between Skype users; charges apply if you use Skype to call landlines or cell phones. To make a video call, you must have a webcam installed and selected for use through the Skype "Video Settings" feature. You can also hook up your Skype to your PS3, using its "Eye," the PS3's video camera, to make video calls from your PS3.

Launch your Web browser and navigate to the Code Laboratories website. Click the "CL Eye Platform Driver" download link to download the file to your computer. Double-click the download to install it onto your computer.

Double-click the CL Eye Platform Driver to launch it.

Plug your PS3 eye into one of your computer's USB ports with its USB cable.

Click "Install" and "Next."

Click "Don't Search. I Will Choose the Driver to Install" and "Next."

Click "PS3Eye Camera (x32)," "Next" and "Finish."

Double-click your "Skype" icon to open the Skype program. Click "Tools," "Options" and "Video Settings." Choose "PS3 Eye Camera" as the "Webcam" and click "OK."

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