How to Give a Wedding Anniversary Party Toast

How to Give a Wedding Anniversary Party Toast. The host of the anniversary party is expected to give a toast to the couple celebrating. A toast speech can be formal, informal, serious or more on the funny side. After the host's toast it is usually appropriate for the couple celebrating to add some of their own words.

Begin a toast by getting the attention of all the guests. Either start your toast by tapping your silverware on a glass, or use a microphone and get everyone's attention.

Congratulate the happy couple in your first sentence.

Reminisce about big moments in the couple's lives. Start with important births, marriages and jobs.

Include funny memories you have shared with the couple that makes them and the rest of the guests laugh. Use discretion when selecting memories.

Show a video of photographs from the couple's marriage. This can be put together using a computer and shown on a large screen with a projector attached to a lap top computer.

Use music in the background if you like, but be sure it is very soft so your words are still clear to everyone in the room.

End the toast by congratulating the couple again and raising your glass as a sign that the toast is ending and everyone should raise their glass to celebrate.


  • If the party is hosted by the anniversary couple's children, the speech can be given by the group, one at a time, or by one of the children speaking for all. Consider guest's ages when picking a drink for the toast. Have non-alcoholic beverages available. If you would like, you can give others a chance to say a few words also. Allow the guests of honor a chance to speak after the host's toast.


  • Be careful when making jokes not to offend any guests. Keep a toast somewhat short so guests don't get bored.

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