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How to Get in Contact with Celebrity Managers

Get in Contact with Celebrity Managers
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Getting in contact with celebrity managers may seem like an easy task, but there are a few hurdles to overcome before you are sitting down and having coffee with Brad and Angelina. The best way to get the three of you sipping lattes and hashing out that new screenplay idea has you surfing the Internet and making a few well thought out phone calls.

Who do you want to meet? With an endless number of celebrities out there, narrowing your focus may be hard. Remember, the more popular the celebrity, the more difficult it will be to contact her. You ultimately want to talk to her, not her manager. Figure out which person will benefit you the most and focus on getting in touch with her. Looking for too many people at once makes you appear desperate.

When trying to track down a famous person, a great place to start is www.Pro.IMDB.com. This is the Internet Movie Database professional website (not to be confused with www.IMDB.com, which has far less information) and includes the resumes of more than 80,000 actors, producers and writers. In addition to listing every film or show the celebrity has done or is planning to do in the near future, there is also a link on each star's personal page that is marked "contact," which gives you the e-mail address and phone number of celebrity's talent agent and manager.

Remember, you are not the only one calling these agents and managers. You will need patience.

If that website does not do the trick, you may like to try www.whorepresents.com. This is a pay site that offers information on celebrity agents, managers, publicists and lawyers.

The fallback option is always to do your own legwork. This shows initiative and determination. If you really want to get into contact with a celebrity's representative, find out the business address and hop in the car. Or board that plane. Try to get a few minutes in front of the star's representative. While getting a meeting might take a few phone calls and a little groveling, sitting down with her will make whatever message you have seem more feasible and appealing.


Maintain professionalism at all times.

Dress professionally.

When you get a meeting with the agent or representative, make sure you keep what you want to say to the point. These people are busy.

Relax. Do not let your nerves get the best of you. So what this is Britney's rep? You're your rep.


  • Although I recommend a meeting, make sure you set up an appointment with the representative.
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