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How to Cancel a TV Guide Subscription

Canceling a TV Guide subscription is fairly simple. There are several reasons why you may want to cancel your TV Guide subscription. You may not read or use this service as much anymore to justify paying the bill each month. You may not have any time to watch TV right now. You may simply cannot afford it anymore. In a few steps, you will be able to cancel your TV Guide subscription.

Gather all of your information that you were provided with when you signed up, including your account number , which is found on your billing statement. If you do not have your invoice handy, you can give them your name, telephone number and address to receive this information.

Cancel your TV Guide subscription by letter. This option may be more appropriate for those people who like their business done in writing. You can ensure your cancellation will go through in a timely manner. To cancel through the mail write to: TV Guide Customer Service, P.O. Box 37360, Boone, Iowa 50099.

Call the TV Guide customer service number -- (800) 866-1400. Representatives will assist you in canceling your subscription. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel through their website or through email.

Be persistent. The representative will try and give you a special deal, a free month or some other type of incentive to keep you as a customer. Sometimes this works and other times it does not. Be strong and cancel right away.

Cancel your bill when you receive free issues. TV Guide will send you a bill, even if you just signed up for the free issues. This can be a little bothersome. However, you can cancel your subscription before you must pay the bill. You will need to send the invoice back to TV Guide with the word, "Cancel" printed on the invoice. You may also call the customer service department to cancel before your free time expires.


Remember to cancel your TV Guide Subscription as soon as you are sure that you wish to do so. It may take time to process this request before your next bill comes out. Calling the TV Guide Customer Service number is the quickest method to canceling your account. The best time to contact them to cancel is as early in the morning as possible. More people call customer service in the afternoon than in the mornings. Being put on hold for 20 minutes for the next available representative is a waste of time. When writing to cancel your subscription, be sure to include all of your information. Also, keep a copy of the letter as well for your records.

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