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How to Buy Michael Miller Fabrics Wholesale

Michael Miller Fabrics, Inc, has a vast selection of fabric at wholesale cost.
store display of fabric image by Joyce Wilkes from Fotolia.com

Whether you're a seasoned crafting professional or a potential new fabric shop owner, buying fabric is expensive when you pay full retail price. Buying fabric wholesale from Michael Miller Fabrics, Inc., will save time and money, affording a greater profit and a wide variety of fabrics for your current need.

Federal Registration

Registering as a business with the Internal Revenue Service is the first step in opening a wholesale account. In this simple online process, you will immediately be assigned a tax ID, which will be needed to register as a business in your state.

State Registration

Next, you will need to register as a business and obtain a business license and a resale certificate from your state in order to open a wholesale account with any fabric manufacturer. In most states, you can do both online and receive your documents in a few days.

Opening an Account

Once you have your federal and state registration documents in place, contact Michael Miller Fabrics Inc. by phone at 212-704-0774 or via email at [email protected] and request a wholesale application. Fill out the application with the requested information, which will include your federal tax ID and state resale permit number, and fax the application and a copy of your resale certificate to Micheal Miller Fabrics at 212-633-0272. Within a few days, you will be assigned an account number and can order fabrics wholesale by contacting the company by phone or email.


Wholesale prices for Michael Miller fabrics vary, but are generally between $4.40 and $4.90 per yard as of 2010. Fabric is sold by the bolt, which contains 15 yards. Initial orders also vary, but are generally between $750 and $1,000.

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