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How to Stop an Automatic Subscription Renewal for Hearst Magazines

Hearst Magazines publishes
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Hearst Magazines publishes 14 different magazines in the United States, including "Cosmopolitan," "Seventeen," "Esquire" and "O The Oprah Magazine." You obtain a subscription to a Hearst Magazines periodical by signing up for it via regular mail, over the phone or online. Many of these subscriptions come with automatic renewals that you have to cancel for the renewal to stop. Stopping an automatic subscription renewal for a Hearst Magazines periodical is a multistep process.

Gather a new invoice or subscription bill from Hearst Magazines. This will come once a month, often with your magazine order.

Write "Cancel" at the top of the invoice. Make sure to write "Cancel" large and legibly.

Seal and stamp the invoice in its preaddressed envelope, and send it in the mail.

Sign in to your account on the Hearst Magazines periodical's website that you want to cancel, such as Cosmopolitan.com. You should have registered an account when you subscribed. If you have no account there, register one using your current email address.

Click on "Customer Service" at the top of the homepage. Click on "Cancel Subscription." Fill out the information required, and click "Send" when you are finished.


Send the invoice with "Cancel" written on it, and cancel your subscription online. This will make sure Hearst Magazines cancels your automatic renewal. Within a few weeks, you will receive a refund for the amount you had paid for any remaining months of magazine service. If no refund comes, log in to the customer service website, and file a complaint by left-clicking on "Complaints."


  • Use a secure Internet connection when canceling your subscription, as you may have to enter sensitive identifying information to do so.
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