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How to Request a Free Christian Book

Bibles and other Christian books can be obtained free.
Bible image by Jacob Randell from Fotolia.com

Many Christian organizations are eager to give out free books to persons interested in joining their mailing lists. Websites offer free audio files of many classic Christian books by authors like Charles Spurgeon, Thomas Kempis and A.W. Pink. You can obtain these files by downloading them to your computer and listening to them there or on an mp3 player. If you write a blog, you can receive free Christian books from Book Sneeze in exchange for reviewing them in your blog. You can also receive free copies of new books by specific authors before they are released by joining their mailing lists.

Visit the website of the Christian organization you are interested in receiving books from. For example, Grace to You offers free books throughout the year.

To join the Grace to You mailing list and receive free books from pastor and author John MacArthur, click on “Mail” at the top of the Grace to You homepage.

Fill out your name and address information in the fields provided and indicate how you interact with Grace to You and whether you listen to Pastor MacArthur's radio broadcast in your city.

Create a password and click “Submit.” Review the information you entered and click “OK.” Wait to receive monthly mailings from Grace to You. Each month, a form will be sent; some months, you will have the opportunity to request free books and Bibles by simply checking the appropriate box and mailing the form back to Grace to You. You can also sign up to receive these notices by e-mail instead of regular mail.

Wait for your book. It should arrive within 4 to 6 weeks of your request.

Things You'll Need:

  • Phone
  • Computer with Internet connection
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