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How to Create a Karaoke Song Book List

Creating a karaoke song-list book may seem like a daunting and tedious task with all the possible songs out there. There are literally millions of songs that you can put into your karoke song list. To type all your songs out by hand would take forever. That's why there are many programs on the market that specialize in creating karaoke song lists. Once you do a simple Web search, you will find plenty of karaoke list creators to choose from. If you don't know which one to buy, it's best to download a trial version at first.

Things You'll Need:

  • Three-Ring Binder
  • Karaoke Song List Creator

Download a karaoke song list creator. There are several different products but they all essentially do the same thing. If you just want to try a few out first, look for trial versions you can download before you buy anything.

Open your karaoke list creator and choose what disc codes you want to use. Disc codes are codes that abbreviate karaoke genres. For example "AH" might stand for All Hits of 2000, and "AI" might stand for American Idol songs.

Click on "Create List."

Choose what songs you want to add to your list. You can do this by choosing from the list of songs your program has provided or by manually navigating to the song file on your computer. You can simply click on the song file you want to add and the list creator will do the rest. You won't have to type anything.

Print your list once you're done. Compile all your printed lists into a three ring binder to make a book. Each list will begin with it's own category.

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