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How to Find a Song by the Beat

Finding out what a tune is can be difficult because there are literally billions of combinations that musical notes can take.
shaped note hymnal with tuning fork image by Robert Yoder from Fotolia.com

One of the most frustrating things about listening to music is trying to identify a song that you feel like you know but just can't put your finger on. Because there are so many songs with so many different beats, it is hard to be sure that a song is what you think it is. However, there are several ways that you can identify a song just by its beat.

Use a software for identifying music. There are some applications that you can get on your phone that will take the beat of the song, run a comparison check on it throughout millions of songs, and find both the artist and the title of the song that it is "hearing." All you have to do is play the song or sing the beat of the song to a microphone that is attached to the software that can identify the song. Doing this is the easiest way to identify a song, though these applications are not always accessible and are sometimes costly. If you do not have access to these softwares, there are other ways.

Identify the main beat of the song and sing it over and over until it is etched into your mind. From here you can identify the genre of the song by listening to the tone of the beat as well as the speed. A slower and more mellow tone would more likely be a ballad, whereas a faster and harsher beat would be more akin to rock or harder pop. Once you have the genre, determining what the song is will most likely be easier.

Take the genre and compare it to artists that you have listened to recently. Usually, the brain will best remember songs that have been heard within the last four to five months. If you have listened to any music that you would not have normally listened to, check those titles first. More than likely, if you cannot identify a song easily, it is not one you are very familiar with. This being the case, you might try to go on the internet and listen to songs by artists you are somewhat familiar with or may have heard in the past few months.

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