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How to Convert a MP3 to Guitar Pro GP3

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Converting MP3 files to Guitar Pro files is a simple process that requires few steps. Guitar Pro recognizes MIDI files only, so you cannot directly open an MP3 file in Guitar Pro. In order to open an MP3 file in Guitar Pro, it must be first converted into a MIDI file. The majority of song files will easily convert to MIDI files and readily open using Guitar Pro. Songs may also have versions already in MIDI format to make the process even simpler.

Things You'll Need:

  • Mp3 To Midi Converter
  • Guitar Pro Software

Choose the song you want to open in Guitar Pro. If the song is already in a MIDI format or if you can find it online in a MIDI format, all you need to do is open it. In order to open it, click "file," "import" and select "MIDI." Once the MIDI file is open, it will allow you to choose each individual track in Guitar Pro. You should see several tracks for each instrument including guitars, drums, keyboards and sometimes voice. You can also view the tuning the track is in by selecting "properties" for one of the instruments.

Download an MP3 to MIDI converter. If the song you are trying to open in Guitar Pro is not available in a MIDI format, you must convert it. There are several free online MP3 to MIDI converters that are very simple to use. When converting a MP3 file to MIDI file, it changes the file to a simplified form of instructions for each instrument to play. This is what allows Guitar Pro to recognize the file.

Save the MIDI file. Once you have converted the MP3 file to MIDI, make sure to save it where you can easily locate it. Once you find the MIDI, go through the simple process of importing the file into Guitar Pro. Start by selecting the "file" menu drop-down in the top left corner. Select the "import" option and choose "MIDI" format. This will open a browsing menu to find the MIDI file that you have just created. Select the MIDI file and click "open" to import the song into Guitar Pro.

Find the instrument you wish to learn. When you open the MIDI file, it generally will separate each instrument into separate tracks. At the bottom of Guitar Pro, it will have each track labeled by instrument. Select the "track" of the instrument you wish to learn by clicking on the number or name of the track. Once you click on the track, it will bring up the tablature and notes for the song you are trying to learn. You can also click on the "instrument name" of the track to view the correct tuning of the song.

Save the file as a Guitar Pro file. This will permanently save the song file for later use.

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