How to Move a Track to a New Song in "GarageBand"

GarageBand provides a free audio editing application and comes standard on all Macintosh systems. The program is a slimmed-down version of Apple's more expensive studio quality programs such as Logic Express and Logic Studio. Using GarageBand gives users an intuitive application that makes it possible to create, edit, manipulate and record their own music. Often, you will need to move a track from one song to another song. This task can be completed with a simple copy-and-paste function.

Click the track instrument panel on the left hand side of the screen for the track you would like to move.

Open the "Edit" menu and select "Copy." You may also use the keyboard shortcut by pressing down the "Command" key first and then pressing the letter "C" while simultaneously holding the "Command" key.


Click the "File" menu and select "New" to create a new song. Select the type of project you wish to start and press "OK."


Highlight the new track in the new song where you would like to place the copied audio track. Hold the "Command" button and press "V" to paste the audio into the new song. You can also select the "Edit" menu and select "Paste."



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