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How to Use Amplitube in Pro Tools

In this article you will learn how to use Amplitube in Pro Tools. Amplitube is an amazing plug-in that simulates a real guitar amplifier very well. With Amplitube, you can plug your guitar directly into Pro Tools and capture the sound of a real amplifier without waking your neighbors. It is great for when you are craving a 3 a.m. jam session!

Things You'll Need:

  • Amplitube
  • Pro Tools Software
  • Computer
  • Pro Tools Hardware

Using Amplitude in Pro Tools

Create a new session in Pro Tools by choosing File - New Session from the main menu. A blank Pro Tools session will appear. This is where you will create your Amplitube track.

Create a new audio track by selecting File - New Track from the main menu.

Select "audio" for track type. A new audio track will appear in the edit window. This is the track that will house your Amplitube plug-in.

Click the insert button on your audio track. A pop-up menu will appear.

Choose "instruments" from the pop-up menu. A sub-menu will appear.

Choose "Amplitube" from the instruments sub-menu. The Amplitube work screen will appear.

Edit the available settings in the Amplitube work screen. This is where the fun begins! You can adjust the Amplitube screen exactly as you would a real guitar amp. There are settings for volume, presence, midrange and all of the other knobs you would expect to see on a real amplifier. Adjust the settings until they sound exactly the way you like! In addition to the general guitar amp basics, Amplitube also offers delay and echo effects!

Click "OK" when you have finished editing your settings.

Press the record button on your audio track.

Play your guitar. Play your guitar and you will now hear the Amplitube effect on your audio track. Continue to adjust your settings as your play. That's it! You now know how to use Amplitube with Pro Tools!


  • Be careful not to adjust the volume too high in the Amplitube work screen. If you turn the volume up too high, you will overload your audio track and some nasty digital clipping will occur. Make sure that the level meters never turn red on your audio track when you play the guitar. If they do, lower the volume in Amplitube.
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