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How to Find Punjabi Songs

Punjabi songs are heard in Indian discos, pubs and Bollywood movies.
disco ball image by drx from Fotolia.com

Punjabi songs -- songs from the Punjab region of northwestern India, are popular with many people in India and around the world, including the United Kingdom and the United States, according to IndianSongs. Most Punjabi songs have an upbeat, rapid rhythm that reflects the vibrant nature of the Punjabi people.

You can find and listen to both contemporary and old-fashioned Punjabi songs on the Internet. Songs can often be downloaded free from many sites.

Punjabi or Bollywood (the film industry of India) movies and bhangra (a native dance form of the Punjab) albums are also good sources for Punjabi music.

Find Punjabi music by typing "Punjabi music" or the title of a Punjabi song, if you know it, into your web browser's search box. Explore the plethora of websites specializing in making Punjabi songs available to the public. Many sites will feature a “Top 10” list of Punjabi songs. Traditional Punjabi songs are as readily available as contemporary titles, and many of the sites allow free downloads.

Buy or rent a Punjabi or Bollywood DVD. You can rent or buy DVDs online or from your nearest Indian DVD store. Bollywood movies frequently showcase bhangra or Punjabi-inspired songs.

Buy Punjabi CDs in stores or online. You can find Punjabi CD albums in the international music section of national retail stores. You can find Punjabi music under the category of World Music in online retail stores.

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