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How to Find the Internet History for PS3

Your PlayStation 3's Web browser includes an option to view your browsing history. The section shows you what websites you've visited using your PS3. History makes it easier to revisit pages you've already viewed instead of having to retype the URL into the address bar. The system's browser also presents an option to delete browsing history, either all at once or by individual website.

Open History

From within your PS3's browser, press the "Triangle" button. Scroll down to "History" and press "X." Here you'll see your PS3's browser history with the most recent page at the top. Hover over an option and press "X" to visit the website. Press "Triangle" while hovering over an entry, then select "Information" to see the Web page's title, Web address and when it was last visited.

Delete History

Navigate to your PS3 browser's History section. Press the "Triangle" button to pull up the options. Select "Delete All" and "Yes." You can also delete pages individually by hovering over the page, opening the options menu and choosing "Delete."

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