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How to Sign Up for Junk Mail

Some people enjoy receiving junk mail.
E - mail image by David Büttner from Fotolia.com

While some are bothered by the amount of junk mail that enters their mailboxes and computer inboxes on a daily basis, others are pleased when something arrives. Although some find that junk mail tends to automatically find mailboxes and inboxes, you can actually sign up for junk mail if you want to receive it. There could be various reasons for this including research papers on junk mail, analysis of junk mail patterns or simply the joy of receiving new mail.

Sign your email address or mailing address up to mailing lists you encounter on the Internet or in stores. Mailing lists are often used for the purpose or service in question and additional junk mail.

Look at the label of existing junk mail, both in the mailbox and email inbox, and find the contact information. It could be a mailing address, email or a phone number. Contact the sender and request that you be added to all of their existing mailing lists. If you are not getting any junk mail, use friends’ junk mail to get the contact addresses.

Purchase something from a mail order catalog. When you buy something, your transaction and contact information is likely to be recorded by Abacus. Abacus is a company that contributes and exchanges customer information, including mailing lists. Your contact information may be distributed to other mail orders, so you can receive more junk mail.

Contact mail order lists and gather the contact information. When you subscribe to one mail order catalog or magazine, your information is likely to be shared with other mailing lists. You are then added to more junk mail mailing lists.

Contact your local credit bureau. Credit bureaus create lists based on consumer characteristics and information. If you are on one of these lists, the credit bureaus will send out offers in the mail. Being on these lists may also open up other junk mail opportunities.

Register in sweepstakes and contests. Registering and providing your contact information for grand prices and lotteries will likely in result in your contact information ending up on a junk mail mailing list.

Things You'll Need:

  • Mail order catalogs
  • Sweepstakes entry forms
  • Credit bureau lists
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