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How to Write a Bio for My Record Label

Writing a bio for a record label can be challenging, but it is important to portray your ideas and history relevant to the music industry. By allowing the reader a glimpse into what you are all about and your history in the music business, they may be able to tell if they are a good fit for your record label. Including an artist roster as well as information regarding your connections, you may be able to entice some future stars to sign with you.

Write about the mission of the label in regards to artist development. Many labels are genre specific while other cater to many genres, so touch on that and the steps that you will take to help an artist become successful in the music industry. Discuss the goals and the ideals that represent the vibe at the record label including your dedication to the artist and getting their music heard.

Touch on the history of the label. Discuss any artists you have signed that have achieved some popularity through your efforts or any key elements that may set you apart from other labels. Include where you are located as well as any affiliations with songwriting guilds or other record labels as well as distribution opportunities for artists signed to your label.

Detail the accomplishments and history of key executives. Including accomplishments adds credibility to your company as well as interesting text that will catch a reader's eye. If your history includes some major signings or work with platinum artists, include that along with an individual bio and what led you to start a record label. If you have worked at other labels, briefly touch on those experiences as well.

Make sure to include any recent label news. This could be new signings as well as any news regarding improvements to your producer roster or distribution channels. When reading a bio, an artist wants to feel the confidence that a label must possess to help them gain popularity on radio. Artist marketing is also very important to artists who are trying to become successful, so marketing partnerships or alliances should be included as well.

Include a bullet list of currently signed artists so that potential bands and artists can hear and see what you have done for others. This way, these up-and-coming stars can see compare your efforts to what they envision for themselves. If their ideas align with actions you are currently performing, they may be more inclined to contact you about the future.

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