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How to Get a Record Deal With Roadrunner

Hard work and dedication can lead you to a record contract with Roadrunner.
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Roadrunner Records is a major label that mostly releases rock and heavy metal recordings. In order to get signed to the label, you must be professional in all aspects of communication and appearance; and in some cases, you will need connections on the inside, including managers, lawyers and bands already on their label. With a lot of hard work and a following in your hometown, you can get the tools you will need to get that elusive record contract from Roadrunner.

Send a press kit and demo of your band to an A&R representative that accepts unsolicited material for Roadrunner Records. Some of their A&R reps will listen to unsolicited material from bands, while others will listen only to solicited material received from lawyers and managers that they know or who have enough of a reputation to legitimize the submission. Accepting only solicited material can help prevent any issues with copyrights from music sent.

Hire a manager who has some contacts at Roadrunner Records. Once you have completed a press kit and a quality demo, your manager can inform his contact at Roadrunner and he can send him the submission. This is known as solicited material, in which the A&R representative is asking for the material to review. Hiring a manager is an important decision, so the band must be on the same page as the manager with similar goals.

Retain an entertainment lawyer in order to help you get signed to Roadrunner Records. A&R representatives often consult with entertainment lawyers as well as managers to find bands to sign. Lawyers often have less at stake and can offer A&R reps tips on bands that they feel are doing well financially. Managers often are too emotionally involved with their bands to see it from an A&R rep's point of view, but lawyers are often much more to the point about the potential monetary success of an act or artist.

Enroll in Roadrunner's "Sign Me To" Web site, make a band page and upload photos and music as well as videos. This is an interactive site where A&R reps from the label interact with fans and bands to find new signings for the label. Fans can vote on the best bands and leave messages for them and help them get a record contract from Roadrunner.

Book some shows opening for popular Roadrunner bands. Make sure you promote the shows well and create a buzz that will reach some of the higher-ups at Roadrunner. The A&R reps can then confirm the buzz with the headlining acts on their label. Major labels such as Roadrunner are looking for bands that are already developed and have a following in their hometown.

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