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How to Create a Band Resume

Being in a band is a good way to exercise your love of music and to make a living doing what you enjoy, but to get the gigs it takes to make a living, a band should have a resume to hand out. A resume tells club owners about the band and gives them an idea about the band's potential to bring in customers. The resume is the first step in securing live performances, and it can serve as an introduction to agents and record companies. Find out how to create a resume for your band that will help you get more work -- and maybe even a recording contract.

The name of the band should be written at the top of the resume, preferably with the band's logo. Include all contact information for the band in the upper left corner, including an e-mail address, phone number and the name of the Web site if one exists. If your band is represented by a manager, provide the manager's contact information.

Write a brief history of the band. Include information about how the members got together, where they have played live, and any recordings the band has made. Unlike a traditional job resume, a resume for a band is meant to secure jobs in the entertainment field, so including a photo of the band is a good idea.

Include a mini-bio for each member of the band, with a little history about each one's musical experience before the band. Be sure to include information about their role in the band as well. These mini-bios are meant to highlight the talents of individual band members.

List all of the clubs the band has played at, along with any other live events. If there are numerous events, list only the most important. Include a list of any contests the band has won. If the band has made any recordings, list these as well, and state that they are available upon request. The band should have a professional portfolio available as well. The resume, which will be a part of that portfolio, should state that the complete portfolio is available, including photographs of the band and as sample recordings.

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