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How to Get Sponsors for Independent Wrestling

Whether it be to resolve a dispute or just for fun, the sport of wrestling has been around for years. Adults and children gather around the television each week or buy tickets to watch their favorite wrestlers fight it out to get that latest title. Some schools even offer wrestling as an extracurricular activity starting in grade school. Many high schools have recruiters visit periodically to examine their wrestlers and possibly offer full college scholarships.

Design a written contract to sign if entering into an agreement with a business. This is only necessary if the actual business will represent you as opposed to an individual donating money because you will represent the business. Develop a plan of action according to the information you would like to provide and the places you need to visit as far as speaking with business owners.

Print out a stack of pamphlets explaining who you are, what your objective is, your history in wrestling and where people can see you exhibiting your talents. Giving all of the necessary information will leave no unanswered questions with the potential sponsor. Provide dates, places and how many years of experience you have, which will demonstrate honesty and diligence in your pursuit.

Rehearse your presentation repeatedly to ensure you are speaking clearly and with enough volume. Practice your speech with friends and family, encouraging them to ask questions. This will help you develop the skills to think on your feet and appear confident in the things you are saying.

Call different business owners and ask to make an appointment to speak about a potential sponsorship through their business. Always keep in mind that if businesses aren't comfortable sponsoring your venture at this particular time, they are welcome to make a one-time contribution. Visit your list of businesses on a separate day then when you visit individual people on your list, as this will help to keep your records in order.

Provide each potential sponsor with the printed information you had previously arranged. Allow a sufficient time for the person to review your pamphlet before overwhelming him with too much information. Speak slowly and clearly while giving your presentation and always make good eye contact. It's important to stress what the business owner would receive in return if he sponsors you, which would be business recognition.


Once a sponsorship is agreed upon with a particular business owner, then you can discuss how he would like his business advertised through you.

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