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Cheapest Place to Buy Felt Fabric

Felt fabric comes in many different grades. Craft felt is normally the cheapest type of felt available. This grade of felt is usually made with synthetic fibers, and a low-grade fiber-matching process. Fine felt is produced from natural wool, is quite expensive, and is often handmade. When looking for value in inexpensive felt fabric, consumers should look for a quality synthetic fiber blend produced in a quality factory, where the felt was matted and pressed correctly. Online outlets for felt fabric abound, and knowing a few key things about this versatile fabric will help you pick the best value for your money.


OnlineFabricStore (onlinefabricstore.net) is a New England-based fabric wholesaler. Offering top name brands including and Waverly, Millcreek Covington, OnlineFabricStore offers both high-quality and medium-quality felt, at a budget-conscious price. Any colors not available online can be specially requested on their website. As of publication, a 9-by-12-inch piece of adhesive craft felt fabric, by Prestofelt, was sold in a variety of colors for only $1 per bag. This type of felt is made with high-quality synthetic fibers. Buying in bulk quantities qualifies the purchaser for additional discounts. For example, buying fifty bags or more brings the price down to $.87/bag.

Fabric Depot

Fabric Depot (fabricdepot.com) is a large online fabric wholesaler. Consumers can purchase felt by the yard online, in both standard colors and bright, rainbow colors. The craft felt sold at this particular wholesaler is not made of wool, rather it is made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, and is considered a high-quality polyester felt. Machine washable and fade resistant, the felt sold for $5.25 per yard at publication.

Aetna Felt Corporation

Based in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Aetna Felt Corporation (aetnafelt.com) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of felt products, from industrial felts to retail pieces. Aetna offers inexpensive, 9-by-12-inch synthetic craft felt sheets. As of publication, the cost for 24 sheets of synthetic felt was $5.76 per package. Aetna offers a remarkable array of hues: 37 different colors, including a wide range of tans and grays. Aetna is also in the process of converting their current felt fibers to an eco-friendly blend made of 100 percent recycled plastics.

JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores

JoAnn Fabrics (joann.com) is a well-known craft store, with franchises all over the United States. Inexpensive craft felt can be found both in Jo Ann stores and at its online site. As of publication, the store was offering a six pack of 9-by-12-inch synthetic animal print craft felt for $2.99 per pack.

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