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Where Can I Purchase Butcher Paper?

A gift wrapped in brown butcher paper sitting on a table with scissors, tape, string and a marker.
Scukrov/iStock/Getty Images

Butcher paper, a staple at many butcher shops and the meat department of some grocery stores, is a large-sized, thick paper sold on a roll. While the paper's name comes from one form of use for the paper, it is also called craft paper or Kraft paper. Butcher paper comes in handy for children's crafts, such as large-scale watercolor painting or crayon-based cartoons, as well as creating custom gift wraps made with stamped images.

Stores to Seek

Big-box office supply stores are one place to purchase butcher paper, as are craft stores that carry a vast selection of papers. Specialty retailers and warehouses dealing only in paper goods or packaging products may have the paper at bulk pricing due to large-sized rolls, with potentially more options such as the size of the roll or the color of the paper. Brown and white are the two colors typically used for butcher paper. Home improvement stores carry a similar product, called contractor's paper, that is comparatively inexpensive and thicker than butcher paper. Discount school supply stores also carry butcher paper.

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