How to Find a Celebrity Phone Number and Address

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Perhaps you need to write a letter to someone famous or would like to give them a phone call. It's not always easy, but quite often it's possible to find contact information. Even if you can't find a direct phone number, address or email address, you can very often find information for an agent or manager who can pass along your request or fan letter.

Try searching one of the online phone book directories, such as the residential searching at, to start exploring celebrity contact information. Sometimes it's just that simple. You won't find Britney Spears or Brad Pitt in the white pages, but a whole host of other famous folks are listed, including Supreme Court justices, television news reporters, senators and congressmen or congresswomen, or sports stars. Phone book listings are especially common for the suddenly-famous, those who are comfortably obscure one day and then find themselves in the national spotlight the next -- remember Joe the Plumber?

Consider IMDBPro. The Internet Movie Database, better known as IMDB, is a gold mine of free information on movie and television stars. But if you want contact information, which usually means their agents, rather than the stars themselves, then you'll need to subscribe to IMDBPro. If you're not sure you want to pay for the service, don't despair -- the site has a free trial offer if you just want to give it a test run. You can find business office addresses and, often, email addresses for managers and agents on the site.

Look in celebrity directories. You can buy "The Celebrity Black Book 2010" or find "The Celebrity Black Book 2005" on Google Books. Use the Google Books search feature to check for a specific celebrity's name, although be aware that the information from the older directory may have changed.


  • Note that there are numerous Internet sites that claim to provide celebrity contact information, but many are not reliable.


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