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How to Create a Brokeback Mountain Costume

"Brokeback Mountain" is a special tale about the love and heartbreak between two cowboys. Though their love was full and true, the pressures of society ended up destroying both men. You can create a costume that is both fun and respectful of the film.

Discover the mood and history of "Brokeback Mountain" before attempting this costume. You should read the original short story by Annie Proulx and the screenplay. Also see the film starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. There is much inspiration to be had from the beauty of the story.

Put on your cowboy hat. A cowboy is quite lost without his hat. You can choose the materials you like best for the hat. It is a part of your costume where you can get creative. You can also pick the color that works for you, although simple and traditional is the best choice here. Jack and Ennis weren't looking to stand apart from the crowd. An original hat for the film sold for $10,000 on eBay, but no worries--you don't have to go that far to get a great hat for your costume.

Put on a button-down work shirt. It should be simple and blue in color. The shirt is for working, not for looking nice. It's a part of the job to have a sturdy shirt that can protect you from the sun during your intense work as a cowboy. Make sure it has long sleeves.

Wear a jacket over your shirt if it is a cold night. This should be tan in color and simple.

Grab a pair of well-worn blue jeans. Tuck your shirt into the jeans. Although you are out working all day, there is no reason to look like you've done so. Keep pride in your appearance by tucking in your shirt neatly.

Strap on some work boots. Plain-colored socks should be put on first. The work boots should be dark in color and well worn. A vintage store will have a cheap pair if you don't own some already. Keep them a bit loose as if you'd been out working all day already.

Add additional touches to your costume if you'd like. You could carry around a cowboy prop like a rope or a can of beans like they had to eat when stuck up on the mountain. This is where your creativity and personal preferences can come in to make the costume your own.


You can have added fun with this costume by having your a buddy playing either Jake's or Heath's character.

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